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Holistic health is the art and science of healing that addresses the whole person – mind, body and spirit. As a practitioner of Colonic Hydrotherapy, I integrate the knowledge of alternative therapies to understand, prevent and support the undoing of chronic conditions, and most importantly, to promote optimal health. I invite you to join me on this wonderful journey of healing.


"I feel safe and relaxed and comfortable because of the environment the practitioner creates."

Marianne, Chartered Accountant

"After years of trying to solve chronic pain in my lower back and right buttock, a healer asked me to consider doing a Colonic with Sarah Vaughan. After the first treatment, I knew that I had found the solution! It took three sessions to have a lasting effect. Sarah recommended some shifts in my diet that were manageable and I am still pain free!"

Karen, Business Consultant





Colonic Hydrotherapy is the process of introducing purified water into the Colon which gently allows gas, congestion, and toxic buildup to release effortlessly and easily. After the first session people report feeling lighter, clearer, and surprisingly less stressed mentally and emotionally. I love showing my clients how just a few treatments can make an enormous difference to their health.


Within the 30min water time of the Ionic Foot Bath, clients watch as the ionicly charged water changes from clear to a murky brown, orange, with sometimes cloudy white areas, indicating toxins being pulled through the feet. As the Ionic machine charges the water, the body’s natural inclination to rebalance the positive and negative ions gets the lymphatic system, joints, Liver, and other organs of the body cleansing. Clients report feeling lighter and more open after the sessions.


Reiki Energy Work is a healing technique based on the principle of free and uninterrupted energy flow and helps activate the natural healing processes in each client's body as well as restore their physical and emotional well-being. As a certified Reiki Master, I enjoy helping clients reduce their stress and anxiety, and shift energy blockages.

 "My sister recommended Sarah to me. It was my first colonic experience and Sarah made me feel completely comfortable. She explained everything thoroughly and was very gentle. The colonic relieved the discomfort I had been feeling. I'll definitely be going back!"

Sandy, Yoga Instructor

"Getting colonics at HowHealthWorks was hugely helpful for me. Though I went to see you guys after experiencing some pretty serious digestive blockages, I continued to see you afterwards because I found that the colonics helped to improve my overall digestion, which then in turn helped to improve my stress levels, skin tone, energy, and so much more."

Casey, Construction

"I have been a patient of Sarah’s for over 3 years now and would not hesitate to recommend her professional services to anyone serious about vitality and disease prevention. As one can image, an initial visit can be met with some anxiety. These anxious feelings disappeared the moment I met Sarah, as she calmly walked me through the process. I immediately felt comfortable. This positive first experience has led to my undertaking in routine sessions. Sarah is passionate about wellness. She truly cares about her clients and is always willing to listen and lend wellness suggestions and guidance in a very friendly, conversational manner.
I am happy to say, Sarah is a vital member of my personal health and wellness team!"

Robert, Corporate Sales

"At times when I have felt congested, going for a session has relieved that congestion and I feel lighter and healthier afterward. The practitioner created a warm and welcoming environment and was so professional and knowledgeable. I was so happy to learn where my Colon and Liver are, what they do, why they are important, and the relationship between them."

Kris, Graphic Designer

Herbal Remedies

"Health begins in the Colon"

- Dr. Bernard Jensen

"Healing the gut is the single most important step we can take to ensure our lifelong health."

- Dr. Alejandro Junger



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